Antique Axes and Hatchets

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Companies either threw out print material or had it accidentally destroyed by flooding and fires. You can find more information on their vintage Axe p age, i ncluding a few old PDF copies of catalogs. It was first started in as a poll stamp and was used until the s. Referenced in their catalog excerpt below. Moving into the Circle H shows up again.

Label used on Plumb axe, date unknown. One use of the Regal Label was on fire axes. SECOND QUALITY MARKINGS. Like many axe manufacturers, Plumb.

InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. We include a table of modern dimensional lumber nominal and actual sizes for kiln dried and treated wood. We include research citations assisting in understanding the history and development of the mechanically-operated reciprocating saw or a mechanical and often portable replacement for the hand-operated “pit saw”. Generations of types of adzes, axes, broadaxes and saws used in cutting beams, and similar details are readily available on many buildings.

The marks left by these tools offer both clues to building age and wonderful aesthetic detail. Below, in rough chronological order, we illustrate different types of saw and tool cut marks in wood: adze cuts, hand sawn pit saw marks, mechanically-operated pit saw marks, circular saw marks, and unmarked, planed modern dimensional lumber. We discuss the visual comparison of adze marks, axe marks, hand sawn lumber, mechanical pit sawn lumber, and circular saw mill cut lumber and boards.

Antique Axe Head Guides

The hand axe found with the body of the Alpine Iceman is one of the rare copper objects that is firmly dated to the early Copper Age because of the radiocarbon dating of the axe wooden shaft. Here we report the measurement of the lead isotope ratios of the copper blade. The results unambiguously indicate that the source of the metal is the ore-rich area of Southern Tuscany, despite ample evidence that Alpine copper ore sources were known and exploited at the time.

After forging each axe the blacksmith stamps the maker’s mark on the steel, below is a list methods that can help put a date range on a vintage Hults Bruk axe.

Andrew and Abby Borden, elderly residents of Fall River, Massachusetts , are found bludgeoned to death in their home. The Bordens, who were considerably wealthy, lived with their two unmarried daughters, Emma and Lizzie. Since Lizzie was the only other person besides the housekeeper who was present when the bodies were found, suspicion soon fell upon her. Because of the sensational nature of the murders, the trial attracted attention from around the nation. The prosecution tried to prove that Lizzie had burned a dress similar to the one she was wearing on the day of the murders and had purchased a small axe the day before.

But Lizzie was a sweet-looking Christian woman and the jury took only 90 minutes to decide that she could never commit such a heinous crime. Although she was now an orphaned heiress rather than a convicted murderess, the media continued to portray Lizzie as the perpetrator. Her story is still remembered today mostly because of the infamous rhyme:. Lizzie Borden took an axe,And gave her mother forty whacks;When she saw what she had done,She gave her father forty-one.

Ignoring the taunts, Lizzie lived the high life until her death in

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You can find more information on their vintage Axe page, including a few old PDF copies of catalogs. Often, however, you can estimate.

One of the earliest known recoveries of a ground stone axe was from the Modoc Rock Shelter in southern Illinois. A full-groove axe was recovered from the foot level that measured six inches in length and dated to about 7, years old. The full groove axe is the earliest axe form. Later the three-quarter-groove axe was developed, followed still later by the half-grooved form. There is no firm date for the development of the three-quarter-grooved axe form beyond the fact that it seems to have followed the full-grooved form.

The three-quarter —grooved form is the most numerous of all axe forms, followed by the full-grooved form, and finally the half-grooved axe. The half-grooved axe form is rare in comparison to the other forms and clearly demonstrates a move away from grooved axe forms altogether Hothem


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After forging each axe the blacksmith stamps the Hults Bruk logo on the steel, signifying the axe has been made to the highest standards. Thicker, deeper lines identify the hot stamp and sometimes you can notice the edges of the stamp around the bottom of the text. Hot stamped axe heads have the HB logo and weight information stamped on the same side.

Hults Bruk axes with HB hot stamps have been produced between and the present day. Cold stamps have thin lines and the stamp is not very deep. Because the stamps are not deep they have a tendency to get ground off during refurbishing. Cold stamped axe heads also have stamps on both sides. One side will feature the logo and the opposite side will have the axe head weight. Hults Bruk axes with cold stamps were produced until Below are additional manufacturing information and significant production methods that can help put a date range on a vintage Hults Bruk axe.

Prior to Hults Bruk axes were made of two separate steels.

Newfound Ax Blade May Be World’s Oldest, Researchers Say

There have been some twenty axe forges in Sweden, most of these started around Today, there are few left. Otto was very technically talented, was appointed foreman and immediately took responsibility for the production and development of the company. Also, the proximity to the iron and steel was an advantage. This place has held some kind of forging business since many centuries.

Already the two old water wheels were replaced.

The hand axe found with the body of the Alpine Iceman is one of the rare to the early Copper Age because of the radiocarbon dating of the axe after the discovery in the Ötztal Italian Alps, the 5,year-old mummy keeps.

What could be the world’s oldest stone ax blade has been identified from fragments found in an ancient rock shelter in northwest Australia, according to archaeologists. The ax fragments were found in layers of sediment at Carpenter’s Gap, a large rock shelter in Windjana Gorge National Park,in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Using carbon dating , the fragments are estimated to be between 46, and 49, years old — much older than similar composite stone axes found elsewhere in Australia and Japan that date from between 30, and 35, years ago, the researchers said.

A key feature of the newfound ax is that its stone blade has been ground down on both sides to form a beveled edge — an early tool technology unique to the modern human species Homo sapiens sapiens that would have taken hundreds of hours of grinding to achieve, said study lead author Peter Hiscock, an archaeologist at the University of Sydney in Australia.

The ground stone edge distinguishes the tool from much older and smaller “hand axes” that were made by flaking, or “knapping,” stones to form a cutting edge. Archaeologists think hand axes were used mainly for cutting and scraping, and were not attached to a haft or handle, Hiscock said. Early hand axes that are up to 1. Later hand axes, some up to 1 million years old, have been found in Europe with the remains of the early human species Homo erectus.

But Hiscock said hafted or handled and ground-edge stone-headed axes for heavier work, similar in function to modern steel-headed axes, were distinctive to modern humans.

Europe’s Oldest Polished Axe Found in Ireland

About 9, years ago, Mesolithic humans in Ireland buried someone important on the banks of the River Shannon in Hermitage, County Limerick. The burial, originally uncovered in , is notable for several reasons. First, according to a press release , it is the earliest recorded burial in Ireland. Second, the remains were cremated, which was unusual since in most burials of this period bodies were covered intact. The site also had a large wooden post planted near it, marking the site, another unusual feature for burials in Europe.

Laura Geggel at LiveScience reports that the axe, made of shale, appeared little used, meaning it was likely an object created to accompany the deceased.

some of the oldest stone hand axes on Earth. The ancient tools, unearthed in Ethiopia in the last two decades, date to million years ago.

Considerable improvement in the technique of producing hand axes occurred over the long period; anthropologists sometimes distinguish each major advance in method by a separate number or name. Early Acheulean tool types are called Abbevillian especially in Europe ; the last Acheulean…. Throughout the ages the plump chopper and its bluntly angled crest had been streamlined by starting with a longer piece of rock and flaking the entire surface to produce an almond-shaped amygdaloid implement 20—25 cm 8—10 inches long.

Shaped carefully on both sides to a standard and symmetrical form, it was usually teardrop- or egg-shaped. It is the characteristic tool of the Acheulean industry. Although the notion has been contested, it does seem fairly clear that these implements bear witness to…. Tools included small hand axes made from disk-shaped cores; flake tools, such as well-made sidescrapers and triangular points, probably used as knives; denticulate toothed instruments produced by making notches in a flake, perhaps used as saws or shaft straighteners; and round limestone balls, believed to have served as….

The earliest European hand axes are assigned to the Abbevillian industry, which developed in northern France in the valley of the Somme River; a later, more-refined hand-ax tradition is seen in the Acheulean industry, evidence of which has been found in Europe,…. The earliest hand axes were made with a hard hammer. More-advanced techniques, however, began about 1 million years ago; rather than simply smashing the rock against a boulder, a soft hammer usually antler ….

Hand ax. Hand ax tool. Learn about this topic in these articles: Acheulean industry.

Axe Restoration: What To Look For

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